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Artekòr Duet

Artekòr Duet is an artistic collaboration born from the meeting of two Neapolitan artists, Alessio Ferrara and Roberta Ruggiero.

For years they have cultivated two parallel artistic streets, he in the theater and she in the dance. They find themselves in the circus arts in Berlin.

Together they begin an artistic research experimentation.

AK2 offers performances in which contemporary dance, physical theater, body mime, and circus skills come together in search of a new performative aesthetic.

AK2 operates in the framework of Performing Arts Festivals and deals with training projects concerning theater, dance and circus skills.


Performer, juggler, artistic director and theater coach.

Born in Naples, he began his career as an actor and street artist.

At the age of 16 he approaches a theatrical reality of the Neapolitan suburbs, Ichos Zoe Tetaro where he studies the Brechtian method and soon assumes the role of protagonist in many works of the author.

He expanded his artistic training studying dance, mime body, clown and Commedia dell'Arte.

In 2010, he obtained the Diploma of lyric-concertist actor at the I.C.R.A Project of Michele Monetta and Lina Salvatore.

His artistic passion goes hand in hand with his university studies.

In 2007 he graduated with honors in Tourism Sciences at Managerial Address (Federico II University - Naples) and in 2010 he obtained a Master's Degree in Performing Arts and Multimedia Production (Suor Orsola Benincasa University - Naples - 2010) .

In 2011 he moved to Berlin to study circus arts at Die Etage - Schule fur die Darstellenden Kunste.

During his training course in contemporary circus, Alessio stands out for the search for unconventional juggling and his directorial skills.

As soon as he obtained the Diploma, he joined the teaching staff teaching juggling, research and composition for circus artists, acrobatics for dancers and actors and curating the direction of various school shows.

Since 2012 he teaches expressive movement at the Festival of Philosophy In Magna Graecia and nowadays he is the coordinator of the artistic workshops of the Festival.

In 2014 he founded Artekòr Duet, with the creation of the show Cromosoma_vite in becoming.

In 2015 he was among the creators and creators of the Bus Theater, a traveling theater project.

Alessio works all over Europe as a freelance artist.


Dancer, performer, choreographer, dance teacher, event manager.

Native to Naples, she approaches dance as a child and in 2005 she graduated in classical and contemporary dance (C.S.D di M. Andreotti - Naples).

He deepens his artistic training in Europe and South America studying contemporary dance, contact-improvisation, theater and improvisation with world-renowned masters.

In 2009, he attended the MCS - research study on movement and new dance - with the company Danza Flux (Naples).

In 2011, he moved to Berlin and attended the circus arts course at the Die Etage Schule fur die Darstellenden Kunste.

His passion for dance is accompanied by a strong interest in humanistic studies, philosophy, art and medicine.

In 2012, he achieves with honors the Master's Degree in Organization and Management of Cultural Heritage (Federico II University of Naples) with a thesis in Aesthetics entitled Body Worlds. The representation of the body in Gunther von Hagens.

In 2014, he is among the young artists selected to participate in the performative project Passing Through by David Zambrano at the Venice Biennale.

Since 2008, Roberta works as a freelance artist in projects concerning dance, theater and circus.

As a dancer, she has worked with various choreographers, dance companies and theaters including Romeo Castellucci, Lionel Ménard, Philarmonie Luxembourg, Danceveriste, Bob Rutman, Dulce Compania, Groupo Oito, Anna Redi, Gabriel Beddoes / Cia. Körper.

He participated as a performer / model / movement coach in various projects of video dance, cinema and photography.

Since 2014, Roberta works as a dancer / choreographer for Artekòr Duet.

As a teacher, he leads the expressive movement workshop at the Philosophy Festival in Magna Graecia (Italy / Greece); teaches movement research and improvisation at the school Die Etage (Berlin); offers contemporary dance workshops, acrobatic dance and coaching for actors, dancers and amateurs of the movement.