Cromosoma – vite in divenire

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Cromosoma – vite in divenire, is a show created  by Artekòr Duet in 2014 .

The idea is based upon the encounter of different performing languages, including, physical theatre, corporeal mime, contemporary dance and circus skills. The poetic way in which these mediums blend together, creates an original piece that erases the borders between these various techniques.

The challenge behind the work of the choreographer was to create a dance that originates from the relationship between body and gravity:  bodies that revolve alone, dancing in the air, daily objects that come to life, in a dance that is an eternal conflict between the necessity of gravity and the need of transformation.

Roberta Ruggiero created this choreographic work based on a question that director Alessio Ferrara kept asking himself, revolving around the issue of the evolution of life: although we are all different, what are the stages, the seasons and the elements that unite us in the eternal becoming of life?

On stage, the particular history of the two performers is lost in the general story of two hypothetical individuals in their essence chromosome, XX and XY.



One winter evening, two old people look through one of their photo albums. Through the images they will relive their story’s milestones.

He remembers his obsession with objects, those daily objects that personify and come to life.

She visions herself as a child, recalls her adolescent disorders in her mind… she is already a woman.

The memory of their first encounter is part of the changing seasons.

The spring of childhood.

The summer of adolescence.

The mature autumn.

And the winter in which we have all grown a bit older

The wombs’ water, the earth on which we learn to take our first steps, the air that keeps us alive, the fires’ passion: the constant repetition of the cycle of life. No matter how different we all are, there are stages, seasons and elements that will bring us together in the eternal becoming of life, now and always.



Idea and performers_  Alessio Ferrara, Roberta Ruggiero

Mentor_Lionel Menard

Drama_Alessio Ferrara, Juri Händelsson

Original Music_Sandro Chiaravalle, Sebastian Quiroga, Francesca Masucci & Scatt Gatt Orchestra 2013

Photo and Visual Content_Giacomo Merchich

Illustrations_Bea Davies

Costumes_Bronwen Pattison


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